Board and train immersion program

For many owners, a quick head start can be a livesaver when dealing with an untrained or unruly dog. My program allows me to not only obedience train your dog, but address issues you have in your home. I only accept one dog at a time into my immersion program, to allow me to focus completely on your dog while he or she is in my home.

Here's how the program works:

Week 1: Destimulation and acclimation

Your dog will kept in a quiet area and only come out with me under my direct supervision, on lead or contained in one room. This allows your dog to start fresh in my home and interrupt current poor house manners, while building a rapport with me and becoming comfortable in my home. Week one goals include: Loose leash walking, crate games, shaping basic postitions (sit, down), heel position targeting, recall games, house manners, releasing a toy.

Week 2: Teaching basics and extended home exposure

As your dog shows me more good behavior, he or she will earn more freedoms, such as being off lead in controlled areas. In harder to control areas in my home, your dog will be tethered to me. Again, we are breaking the habit of poor manners by simply not allowing them. Week two goals include: Walking at heel, precise positions for sit and down, correct recall position on lead, stays under distraction, and neighborhood walks.

Week 3: Advancing commands and in-home freedom

Now that your dog is building a strong skill set and has a relationship with me, we start to offer more freedom. Off lead privileges in home, as well as long line work in my fenced-in yard. Possible progression into off-lead work outdoors, and possible off lead playtime with my own dogs, where appropriate. Week 3 goals include: Hand signals, longer recalls with distraction, manners work with my family (which includes small children and cats), stand for exam, and grooming and tolerance-building exercises.

Week 4: Proofing and full immersion

During our final week your dog will live completely as one of my own whenever possible. This includes outings into public areas, such as parks, pet stores, and downtown areas. Your dog may also accompany me on private lessons to work around strange dogs. Week four goals will be to polish all skills under heavy distraction and new environments.

Please note that four weeks is ideal. I can reduce my program into three weeks if necessary, with a slightly less comprehensive result. I may be able to tailor a very basic two week program for you, as well. I do not accept new training dogs for less than two weeks, as I find short stays to be overly stressful to most dogs, not allowing them to relax and build trust in me.

All programs come with one free private lesson for each week your dog stays with me, including your initial pick-up lesson.

I am often asked: Do you guarantee your training? To this I ask you, the owner: If you go the store and buy a set of tools, can the store guarantee you will build a beautiful home? My training program provides a high quality set of tools for you to use, you must do your part and practice using them daily. However, I am readily available to assist you with every step of this process.