More photos and testimonials coming soon!

What some of my clients have said about me online:

"Obedience Training: A very nice experience! Bentley a Standard Poodle,my wife and I have just completed an eight week Beginning Obedience class conducted by Kelly Czaja. We listened as Kelly gave instructions and explanations of each exercise. If you listen very closely you realize that she has a wonderful and in depth understanding of dogs and their requirements that will lead to a successfully trained dog. We will sign up for two more eight week classes. Signed up for the Intermediate Obedience and the Tricks classes. Kelly is going to offer a Rally course and we will sign up for it when it is offered. If you have or are going to have a dog in your family I would strongly recommend you be trained along with your dog. My wife and I have had dogs for over forty years and it is a pleasure to have a well trained dog at seven months of age. "


"I don't have enough words to describe my experience... I have a beautiful German Shepherd named Wendy Von der Neuen Welt. When she was about two, she became agressive and very, very protective of me. No-one could come near me, walking her was a nightmare. Vet visits were horrific. Kelly Czaja was her trainer. From the beginning, my Wendy was a new dog. KELLY IS SUPER!!! It was a battle of the queens, but Kelly won and Wendy learned to listen. After ten classes, I am happy to say that my SUPER ALPHA, bodyguard, 85 lb. baby girl is a well composed individual! :) We go for long walks, we run, and we even go to Petsmart. She behaves beautifully. Kelly, thank God, worked miracles. She has a very soft voice and never raises her voice when she's with the dogs. All I know is that the love that she gave my dog, the care and interest that she demonstrates when training are rare..."